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MRI Information and Preparation

The Community Open MRI Group serving Auburn, Decatur and Fort Wayne, IN is a high quality open MRI clinic with the most affordable rates in the area. Our MRI's are set up for families and patients from a multitude of financial backgrounds with quality and comfort as our top priority.

The open configuration of our MRI offers you comfort rather than being confined in a "tube". An open MRI is ideal for everyone, especially for larger and claustrophobic patients. Our open magnet configuration has two asymmetrical posts located in the back of the machine, meaning there are no sides to confine the patient. This allows patients more space to relax and position themselves in order to most comfortably undergo the procedure. It is critical that the patient remain extremely still throughout the entire exam. MRI is very sensitive to motion. If too much movement occurs, the images may be too grainy or distorted and the entire sequence may have to be rerun. Therefore, we specialize in making the patient as comfortable as possible. We also provide pillows and blankets to prop and comfort where we are able. The open magnet is also equipped with a patented soft sound gradient feature which allows the patient to be scanned without a loud banging noise. This is an extremely attractive feature for comfort in terms of reducing the patient's anxiety levels. In addition, the patient can listen to calming music in the background and even bring along their favorite CD. Lastly, the scanner room has a large window to the outside that is designed to draw extra light into the room. This adds an extra psychological effect for an even more open feeling. Our open MRI is also very attractive for scanning young children. To avoid extra risks, the child would not have to be completely sedated. The parent can be right by their side and even hold their hand throughout the procedure. In a worst case scenario, if the child cannot remain still the exam would not be completed and there would be no charge.

About the MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI, is an exam that scans the body on all three planes (or dimensions), providing superior diagnostic images using a strong magnetic field, radio waves and a computer.

Unlike X-Ray, mammogram or CT scanning, MRI does not use any harmful ionizing radiation. Instead it utilizes a strong magnetic field and radio waves aided by a computer to produce detailed
images of the body.

MRI Scans: The MRI scan will be performed on specific parts of the body, i.e. shoulder, knee, hip, etc. Typically a doctor will order one scan or one exam for the purpose of properly diagnosing an ailment. The doctor may be looking to confirm suspected problems with the patient to find things like tumors, ligament tears, nerve damage, and stress fractures in bones to name a few. It is not uncommon for a doctor to order multiple scans if a patient is having problems in other areas of the body. For example, if a doctor needs to check the entire spine then an order would be submitted for three separate scans, one on the cervical, one on the thoracic, and one on the lumbar region.

MRA Scans: We only provide MRA's for neck and head exams. MRA's reveal the vascular system of the brain with extraordinary clarity. Doctors may order MRA's when patients are having problems such as headaches, dizziness, or visual disturbances.

The Open configuration of our MRI means that you will not be surrounded in a tube, but will be lying on a table, with the sides, front and back open. This configuration is more comforting to all patients, especially larger, claustrophobic and anxious patients. Many times a patient may not be considered claustrophobic, but will have some serious confinement issues with the restricting "tube type".
Patient Undergoing CT Scan test - MRI insurance Rate in Fort Wayne, IN
Patient Lying Down on MRI Scanner - MRI insurance Rate in Fort Wayne, IN

How Should I Prepare?

• Eat or drink anything you normally would, including prescribed medications.
• Wear clothes without metal zippers, hooks, etc. We will be happy to provide exam clothing if needed.
• You will be asked to leave coins, keys, jewelry, hearing aids, hairpins, wallet, credit cards, watches and dentures in your patient locker or with a friend.
• Because a magnetic field is involved, you will be prescreened for any of the following that may apply: pregnancy, metal implants, pacemaker, dentures, surgical staples, cochlear implants, artificial heart valves, aneurysm clips, etc.

The whole procedure takes around 30-90 minutes, depending on the exam. In some cases a contrast agent may be injected if required by the study.

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